A C|C Interview with Circle of Hope Audio Art’s Joshua Grace

Circle of Hope Interview photo

By Derek Jordan How and why did you pull together around 100 artists to make these first two albums? Circle of Hope is a network of cells (circles of 10) that form four congregations. Each congregation has 3-4 teams of musicians and art directors. Over the past 16yrs or so since we began that first cell, our artists have trying to create new stuff – sort of trying to “Sing […]

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Savior’s Food

The Last Supper - Leonardo  Da Vinci

By Benjamin Nelson Jesus said: It is written, ‘MAN SHALL NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE, BUT ON EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD.‘ – Matthew 4:4 Which, by the way, is a direct quote from Deuteronomy 8:3 Jesus also said: My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work. – John 4:34 So which is it? Is God’s […]

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Pastor Tullian Tchividjian and the Religious Right: Should Christian Pastors Preach Political Opinions?

Pastor Tullian

By Jason Neil Soto Pastor Tullian Tchividjian says Christianity’s association with the religious right has tarnished its brand. He recommends pastors “consider spending the next five years refusing to talk from the pulpit about anything other than the Bible.” Although he has a lot of opinions, he refuses to give them from the pulpit. I basically almost refuse to make any kind of public commentary on anything other than the […]

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C|C Sunday Music Review for the Week of July 20th, 2014

C|C Sunday Music Reviews Green

By Derek Jordan A compilation of 5 different artist reviews: 1 – ShatterRed’s “Stand Still, Look Upwards” #FreeMusic Limited Time @ShatterRedmusic #Rock 2 – Kalom’s “Point of No Return” #FreeMusic @Kal0mpsalm27 @Noisetrade #Gospel #HipHop 3 – ASAINT’S “Alive” #FreeMusic @_aSaint_ @Noisetrade #Rap #HipHop 4 – J.A.E.L.I.N.X.’s “Hard Road” #FreeMusic @JaeLinx @Bandcamp #christianrap #holyhiphop #gospelrap 5 – Mike 0’s “Pursuit of Happiness” #freemusic @iammike0 @Nosietrade #rap #hiphop

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Ancient “gods” We Still Worship


By Zach Van Houten We think idolatry is a thing of the past. Something uneducated, uncivilized people created in biblical times. I mean, who would worship a carved statue anyway? I haven’t seen much of this myself. Actually I have never seen it with my own eyes. But are we all that different from those who practiced idolatry? Let’s examine a few of the false idols in the bible. “They […]

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Divine Intervention or Coincidence?


By Derek Jordan How often are works of the Lord attributed to chance and circumstance? How often is it the other way around? A bus, commonly used by a person, is missed and this person is now forced to find another route. The trouble of finding this other route was not enjoyed by the person. In fact, it quickly flipped their normal jovial attitude into one of anger and resentment. […]

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Is Salem Hunting Witches Again?

Salem Old Town Hall

By Benjamin Nelson The Massachusetts city of Salem, famous for the Salem witch trials is stepping out of a five-year old relationship with Gordon College. Gordon College is nationally ranked Christian liberal arts school located just north of Boston, in the city of Salem. They have been in a contractual relationship with the town to manage the town owned “Old Town Hall,” a historic landmark. Gordon has collaborated with the […]

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Why I Support Matthew Coker (a.k.a. Back Row Baptist)


By Jason Neil Soto There are few things left in America that are shocking. Being a registered sex offender? Yep, still shocking (but barely). My friend Matthew Coker (also known as Back Row Baptist) is open about his past. You can watch his video testimony here. He has come under attack of late. In 2006, 21-year-old Matthew Coker was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. The arrest was […]

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C|C Sunday Music Review for the Week of July 13th, 2014

Music Review Yellow

By Derek Jordan A compilation of 5 different artist reviews: 1 – Eddy Mann’s “Dig Love” #Music @eddy_mann #folk #rock 2 – Jastin Artis’ “Why Me Lord?” #Music @jastinartis #Folk #Rock 3 – Open Heaven’s “Pointing At Stars” #music #techno #pop #gospel 4 – Elijah Bowers’ “Wonderful” #FreeMusic @Elijah_Bowers @Noisetrade #Gospel #Indie 5 – CJ Edwards’ “If You Lead” #FreeMusic @CJEdwards15 @Noisetrade #Gospel #Reggae

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Antiquated Religion


By Zach Van Houten Religion. The very word brings to mind a range of thoughts and emotions. Depending on your experience, these could be either positive or negative. How this word is defined in your mind is more than likely the result of how you perceive the religious institutions you have been exposed to. Especially in the Christian community, religion has become a byword in recent years. It has been […]

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You Get Three Wishes

You Get Three Wishes

By Derek Jordan Today I bestow upon you a wonderful thing. I am here to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is a thing of which you will not want to pass upon. My keen smile and charismatic words have you now in a holding pattern. You await for me to bestow upon you the glorious object to which I speak. Your heart flutters as I reach […]

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Harvest – the Farmer’s Only Concern


By Benjamin Nelson The woman He met at the well had just left for town. Jesus began explaining why He was sitting in the heat of the day talking to a Samaritan woman about living water and where to worship. Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work. – John 4:34 We might surmise that impacting this […]

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The Secret of Being Content


By Jason Neil Soto Christianity is a religion that counters all the world’s teachings. It holds a secret that has guided Christians for centuries. A body of authentic Christian believers will impress others with their peacefulness. Many new Christians soon find out that the life of a believer is not easy. Heroes of the Bible did not take the easy road of life. David faced a killer giant. Daniel faced a […]

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C|C Sunday Music Review for the Week of June 6th, 2014

Music Review Purple

By Derek Jordan A compilation of 5 different artist reviews: 1 – Suade’s “All the Way Up” #FreeMusic @_Suade @Noisetrade #Gospel #HipHop 2 – Chanbu’s “Faith Awakening” #FreeMusic @Noisetrade #Rap #Gospel 3 – Imani Hutton’s “Go The Right Way” #FreeMusic @iHutton23 @Noisetrade #Gospel #Pop 4 – CW Allen’s “Playing My Part” #FreeMusic @CW_Allen @Noisetrade #Rap #HipHop 5 – Psalm Star’s “Love Somebody” #FreeMusic @Noisetrade #Rap #Gospel

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Is Jesus Really All I Need?

Jesus Is

By Zach Van Houten We sing the songs. We talk the talk. We say Jesus is all we need. Yes we do. We repeat the lines. Yes we do. We know the truth. Yes we do. But do we feel this way? No we don’t. Do we live this way? No we don’t. I don’t mean to come across harsh or blunt but there is a disconnect here. Something is missing. […]

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The Creation of a Pearl


By Derek Jordan Wealth, beauty, and success are American imperatives. I would not be surprised to find that they are simply worldly imperatives. No person is exempt from the effects caused by them. Whether external or internal. When a person is lacking a few particular parameters it is easy for that person to feel incomplete. To feel unworthy of anything. Without proper recognition it is difficult to keep up a […]

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Eternal Life


By Benjamin Nelson Last week I ran across a verse in my studies that I have probably read and/or heard hundreds of times. But this time it pulled me up short. This verse (I’ll tell you what verse soon, I promise) is acting like a mirror ball in the dance hall of my mind, throwing spots of light hither and yon. (That might be a bad metaphor – forgive me […]

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God Speaks


By Jarin Martin It’s always been taught and told to me that God speaks through His WORD (The Bible.) And I had always believed it, but sometimes didn’t experience it. I had learned a lot from it, and have been able to articulate great things to many people, that brought life change, because of it. However, now that I was relying and yearning from a Word that would direct me, […]

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C|C Sunday Music Review for the Week of June 29th, 2014

Music Review Red

By Derek Jordan A compilation of 5 different artist reviews: 1 – Melody and Truth’s “Child in My Father’s Hands” #FreeMusic @melodyandtruth @Noisetrade #Gospel #Folk 2 – Da Gospel Nation’s “Heaven & Hell” #FreeMusic @X_sinnerman @Noisetrade #Gospel #HipHop 3 – For Fans of : Kim Walker Smith, Misty Edwards, Bethel Worship 4 – ESTEP’s “Arise – The Remix” #FreeMusic @Noisetrade #Gospel #Electronic #Favorite 5 – Resonate Church’s “Ellensburg” #FreeMusic @resonate_church […]

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