The End & The New Beginning

By Matt Coker

Today is the last day of Congruent|Culture.

Congruent|Culture began in mid-2012 as an attempt to bring influence to current church culture. Founder, Jarin Martin, brought alongside him Shane Hill, Jenna DeWitt, and I as the core group of writers.

Our early goals were to examine how “the church” was conducting itself and try to bring common sense and the love of Christ back into the central focus, as well as offering advice and ideas for improving how churches and Christians composed themselves.

We weren’t perfect, nor were our ideas. We loved Jesus, and wanted to help others experience Him fully. Our desire was simply to reflect on things the church and the Christian community do, whether good or bad, and help change things in a more Gospel-oriented manner.

In early 2013, Jarin Martin stepped down from Congruent|Culture to join The Blush Network ministry and left me at the helm. The blog changed in design, but not in focus. With the addition of several more talented and positive writers, C|C began to grow even more. With the addition of Derek Jordan, we also became the go-to site for independent Christian music reviews every Sunday.

Bringing answers to tough questions, uplifting testimonies, light-hearted videos, and new content nearly every single day, our readership grew and conversations were sparked constantly on social media.

In mid-2013, as Jenna DeWitt had left to focus on her work with MORF Magazine, a new crop of female writers joined the blog. Angela Caswell, Amy DeBurgh, Krissy Field, Cassi Jean, and Bryanna Moroz all came and breathed new life into the blog as more articles arose from a female perspective.

A new crop of men also arose in Zach Van Houten, Back Row Baptist, Jason Neil Soto, and Marty Field, some writing weekly, some offering special articles about once every month. The Congruent|Culture team has grown almost beyond capacity, a group of men and women from different states, denominations, and vastly different backgrounds.

This past week, I made the painful decision to step down. Just like Jarin and Jenna before me, I feel that the time has come to focus on a new ministry. When I announced I would be stepping down, Congruent|Culture was at a crossroads. Do we continue on as is? Or do we use this opportunity to takes things to the next level?

Jason Neil Soto made a proposal to combine his successful personal blog, Comments on Christianity, with Congruent|Culture, keeping his blog’s name, but inheriting the C|C short-name and the #ReadCC social media hashtag, and of course, all the writers staying on.

As I step down, and hand the reigns over to Jason, and as most of our writers make the switch, I have hope that God will use this rebirth to take what Congruent|Culture started and turn it into something bigger than Jarin or I could ever have imagined.

Finally, brothers, rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you. 2 Corinthians 13:11 ESV

Congruent|Culture has always been about restoring the faith within ourselves and others and doing our best to represent a God of love. I wouldn’t hand this over to someone else if I didn’t trust them to continue in that vision.

There will be a few days of transitioning the archives and writers, but then starting the week of the 23rd, there will once again be new content from C|C, which, moving forward, will be found at

Follow us on our new Twitter account: @ComChristianity

Like us on our new Facebook Page: /ComChristianity

Bookmark the new site and get ready for the next level of C|C!

Thank you so much to all of our readers and followers for asking questions and sparking conversations and just making this a powerful, passionate ministry.

Thank you to all my fellow writers, past and present, for the encouragement and friendships that have developed and for the hard work in keeping the content fresh and of the highest quality every week.

Thank you to Jarin, the founder and visionary that began all of this, for always being there for us when we needed you.

And thank you, God, for blessing me with the opportunity to touch so many lives and meet so many people through the power of your love and the testimony you’ve given me.

I can’t wait to see what You have in store for me… and for Comments on Christianity… next!


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    Very we’ll written description of a really cool opportunity as well as a really touching goodbye!

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