20 Christians You Should Follow on Twitter


By Jason Neil Soto

Twitter is like a big party. A lot of the same rules apply.

When you first step into the party, you may not be sure what’s going on. You look inside the room and notice there are a huge amount of people making a lot of noise. The whole room seems to be moving to the Twitter rhythm, and it looks intimidating.

I want to help you cut through the noise, and find some great people dancing to the Twitter beat. Let me introduce you to Christians at the Twitter party who are worth following. These people have shown they are interesting, engaging, and shining bright for Christ.

I received a lot of suggestions. This was the criteria I looked at in evaluating these Twitter accounts.

  • Does the biography description and tweets represent Christian values? For this post, I only considered accounts that were promoting a biblical world view.
  • Is the account active and used often? I wanted to select Twitter accounts that looked like they reflect the person’s life. I tried to avoid accounts that seemed too programmed.
  • Does the person talk to others? I tried to select individuals that aren’t just interested in hearing themselves speak. These people talk with others. Conversationalists are always the most fun.

The following is a mixture of pastors, writers, and musicians. In order to not seem biased, there is no one from C|C on this list. But you can follow the C|C writers on Twitter here. That said, here are 20 Christians on Twitter you should follow. (Click here for the Twitter list.)

Bob Goff (@bobgoff)

Bob Goff is the writer of a book titled, “Love Does.” What I love about his account is his love of conversation. He interacts often with his followers, and tweets encouraging words. Click here for his best tweets.

Lee Strobel (@LeeStrobel)

Lee Strobel enjoys Twitter. He is a conversationalist who loves to tweet about his daily life. If you haven’t yet, you should read his book “The Case for Christ”, and share it with your friends. Click here for his best tweets.

Future Missionary (@Miss_Missionary)

This young woman is lighting up the Twitter world with her enthusiasm for evangelism and heart for missions. You will be encouraged by her tweets. Click here for her best tweets.

Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM)

Beth Moore is the founder of Living Proof Ministries. She is a great conversationalist and an encouraging tweeter. Click here for her best tweets.

Michael Kern (@TheKings_knight)

Michael’s tweets are encouraging and fun. He likes to give Christian dating advice like, “Want to ask a girl out? Don’t text her. That’s sad. Very, very sad. Don’t call her either, you’re not ordering pizza. Ask her in person.” Click here for his best tweets.

Matt Chandler (@MattChandler74)

Matt Chandler is the president of Acts 29 and an active tweeter. He’s a conversationalist who mixes in family life, adventures in ministry, and a heart for the Gospel. Click here for his best tweets.

Jared C. Wilson (@jaredcwilson)

Jared is a pastor who loves talking about ministry life. His words are honest and encouraging. Click here for his best tweets.

Lecrae (@lecrae)

Lecrae writes words that are inspiring in rap form and on Twitter. His bold faith in the hip hop world is encouraging and refreshing. Click here for his best tweets.

John Wylie (@johnwylie)

John Wylie is a drummer and blogger. He’s a great conversationalist and an encouraging Christian. You’ll enjoy his tweets. Click here for his best tweets.

Stephen Altrogge (@stephenaltrogge)

Stephen Altrogge is a writer who uses Twitter well. He has a nice mix of light hearted tweets and ministry focused ones. Click here for his best tweets.

Ed Stetzer (@edstetzer)

Ed Stetzer is a Christian leader who knows how to use social media well. He even wrote a How-To article for Christianity Today called Getting Started in Social Media. Click here for his best tweets.

Jefferson Bethke (@JeffersonBethke)

Jefferson Bethke is a Christian writer and active tweeter. His feed is full of conversations he holds with his large following. He also has a large following on YouTubeClick here for his best tweets.

Kimm Crandall (@big_kimm)

Kimm Crandall is an author who writes about the Gospel and motherhood. Her tweets are a great mixture of Christian encouragement and conversation. She is an engaging tweeter shining bright for Christ. Click here to read her best tweets.

Rachel Held Evans (@rachelheldevans)

Rachel is an author and blogger who shares great thoughts on Christianity and womanhood. Click here to read her best tweets.

Darrin Patrick (@darrinpatrick)

Darrin Patrick is a pastor, chaplain to the St. Louis Cardinals, and author of the Dude’s Guide to Manhood. He tweets on Christianity and family life. Click here to read his best tweets.

Mad Dawg (@madisoncude)

Madison is a young lady who is an encouraging example of how Christian youth are being bold for their faith on social media. You’ll enjoy her tweets. Click here to read her best tweets.

Ann Voskamp (@AnnVoskamp)

Ann is the wife of a farmer and a NY Times best-selling author. She is also a great Christian encourager on Twitter. Click here to read her best tweets.

Jud Wilhite (@JudWilhite)

Jud is a pastor and active tweeter. His is a good conversationalist who loves to encourage people towards Christ. Click here to read his best tweets.

Sheila Walsh (@SheilaWalsh)

Sheila is a popular author who is a featured speaker at Women of Faith conferences. You’ll enjoy her tweets. Click here to read her best tweets.

Louie Giglio (@louiegiglio)

Louie Giglio is the pastor of Passion City Church and an active tweeter. His tweets are encouraging and pointing the Twitter world towards Christ. Click here to read his best tweets.

These accounts are included on the C|C Twitter list, “Christians to Follow.” More will be added. Subscribe to the list to keep up to date.

JNS tiny bio picJason Neil Soto is a writer and managing editor for C|C. He lives with his wife and boys in San Diego, CA. Jason encourages everyone to live a life of faith in Jesus. Oh, yeah… he’s on Twitter as well. Contact: Email | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

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Photo credit: By Grant Stantiall

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  1. Honored to be on this list – thank you! :)

  2. Excellent work Jason – very helpful!

  3. So many favorites here, but most happy to see Rachel on this list. If you enjoy her and Ann, I highly recommend Sarah Bessey as well.

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