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    Unchanging, Yet Emotionally Involved God


    By Zach Van Houten God is unchanging, but He is also full of rich emotions and thoughts. Zephaniah prophesied of the day of the restoration of Israel: “The Lord your God is in your midst,     a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness;     he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” -Zephaniah 3:17 A clearly joyful and passionate God is […]

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    Light and Dark, God and Evil – Part 2


    By Zach Van Houten In Part 1 of this series I wrote about the parallels between how light interacts with darkness and how God interacts with evil.   In part two we will continue to examine this, especially how the nature of God relates to evil. If God allows something, is it a working of His nature? The short answer I believe is: no. The existence of free will naturally […]

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    Light and Dark, God and Evil – Part 1


    By Zach Van Houten “This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” -1 John 1:5 Why is there evil? It’s a complicated issue. But I will endeavor to give you my humble perspective in this new series. First, to make a distinction. I prefer to view the two opposite moral forces in the […]

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    Like My Body? It’s A Rental


    By Zach Van Houten You may have a sexy physique, a flawless face, a perfect smile. You can go to the gym, the tanning salon, the plastic surgeon’s office. You can wear the right clothes, the right makeup, rock the right hairstyle… But none of that matters when you’re six feet deep. No one receives complements in the casket. More than just appearance, how we view our life in the […]

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    Escaping The Claws of Depression


    By Zach Van Houten I didn’t know when I was writing this article that depression would come into the spotlight like it has due to the suicide of Robin Williams. With that in mind there is no better time to have a discussion about it. What I am going to share is very personal. A few of those closest to me, but not many, may know that I am recovering […]

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    Updated Thoughts on Predestination


    By Zach Van Houten I wrote earlier this year about my thoughts on the predestination (or election) debate in Thoughts on Predestination. I wrote about how we should approach the subject with respect for each other and humility. I also expressed my own lack of commitment to either side on the issue. But since then I have done some reading and thinking. Although I am still hesitant to stand up and […]

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    Think More, Post Less


    By Zach Van Houten Monday is now Social Media Monday here at CC. This is the first installment in a new ongoing series involving several rotating writers. Through the course of this series we will be examining how we can glorify God in the social media age. Tweet us on Twitter using the hashtag #SMMCC on Mondays as we discuss topics related to social media. Our Society likes things instant. After all, […]

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    Word of Faith Rebuttal


    By Zach Van Houten Below is a email response to a friend of mine who is close to my heart, but who supports aspects of the Word of Faith movement. I addressed the errors in her reasoning through Scripture and thought it would be beneficial to share it with you. The recipient will remain anonymous and I will refer to her as “Natalie”. Since this was an email conversation our […]

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    8 Annoying Things About Christian Culture


    By Zach Van Houten I love Jesus. I love being a Christian. I love the church, the body of believers, and the fellowship of the saints. But Christian culture… eh, often leaves me a little less than enthusiastic. Let me list 8 things that annoy me about Christian culture. DISCLAIMER: I am not necessarily against these things, but I want to provoke thought. I will probably offend you in the course […]

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    Ancient “gods” We Still Worship


    By Zach Van Houten We think idolatry is a thing of the past. Something uneducated, uncivilized people created in biblical times. I mean, who would worship a carved statue anyway? I haven’t seen much of this myself. Actually I have never seen it with my own eyes. But are we all that different from those who practiced idolatry? Let’s examine a few of the false idols in the bible. “They […]

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    Antiquated Religion


    By Zach Van Houten Religion. The very word brings to mind a range of thoughts and emotions. Depending on your experience, these could be either positive or negative. How this word is defined in your mind is more than likely the result of how you perceive the religious institutions you have been exposed to. Especially in the Christian community, religion has become a byword in recent years. It has been […]

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    Is Jesus Really All I Need?

    Jesus Is

    By Zach Van Houten We sing the songs. We talk the talk. We say Jesus is all we need. Yes we do. We repeat the lines. Yes we do. We know the truth. Yes we do. But do we feel this way? No we don’t. Do we live this way? No we don’t. I don’t mean to come across harsh or blunt but there is a disconnect here. Something is missing. […]

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    Modesty Is Not Sexy


    By Zach Van Houten ‘Modest is hottest.’ Does anyone really believe this? Let’s be dreadfully honest right now. We find this phrase appealing because it validates our views on modesty. It reminds us that we can be sexy and saintly at the same time. But I find it to be a overstatement. The truth is, sexuality and modesty are in direct conflict. Human beings are attracted to that which is […]

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    Love Stills The Angry Tongue


    By Zach Van Houten Lingual Warfare   Anger and rage boil inside Spewing out a swill of strife One part angel One part Hell The tongue can cast an awful spell   Build one up Tear one down Fill one up Drain one down The tongue can make a dreadful sound   Do words belong to us alone? Can we claim them as our own? Did not God create man’s […]

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    Regret And The Good I Didn’t Do


    By Zach Van Houten There are times I’ve wanted to apologize for not being a better friend in the past. I think everyone can relate. Especially in the teen years when you are still growing as a person, it’s hard to feel you treated those around you like you should have. I don’t have many regrets in life. And I am thankful for that. I am twenty-two years old and […]

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    What Tolerance Does Not Mean For Christians


    By Zach Van Houten In this age of political correctness we have a tightrope to walk in the church. We must speak in a way that is respectful towards others without sacrificing the tough truths of the word. In this article I want to explore what tolerance does not mean for Christians. Tolerance does not mean condoning sin. Society has made it clear that calling an act “sinful” is not […]

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    Vigilant Prayer


    By Zach Van Houten I often wonder to myself whether we in the church take prayer seriously. Do we pray with the seriousness of Christ? Do we make prayer not only a daily habit, but a cornerstone of our spiritual lives? Do we pray as God calls us to? In my own life I can think of times where I have failed to take prayer as seriously as I should […]

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    Is It Acceptable To Put Down Certain People?


    By Zach Van Houten There are false teachers everywhere. On television, in bookstores, and coming to a town near you on their world tour. We are bombarded daily with false doctrine, twisted theology and shallow motivational rhetoric. They replace the Word of God with worldly philosophy, new age thinking and self-help seminars. And I have been one to talk about it. I’m not afraid to address false teaching and show […]

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    What Is God’s Will For Me? – Part 3

    What Is God's Will For Me

    By Zach Van Houten In part one and two this series we discussed the definitions of God’s will and some common traps we can fall into. This week I’m going to expand on that and show through Scripture what God’s revealed will is for us and how we can live it out practically. If God’s will cannot be found in a specific ministry, place or position, what is it? Scripture teaches that God’s […]

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    What Is God’s Will For Me? – Part 2

    What Is God's Will For Me

    By Zach Van Houten In part one of this series we examined the two definitions of God’s will. Now we will explore 2 specific traps we can fall into when considering God’s will for our lives. TRAP 1 ‘God gave me this ministry & by God no one’s gonna take it from me!’ Ever been around someone who was so focused on the details of what they were doing that […]

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